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Our Experience Empowering Your Business.


Whether you are seeking an interpreter for the first time and aren’t sure of what to look for, or you are a frequent user of translation services seeking ways to economize your budget, we are here to help take the guesswork out of your job.

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In addition to free language consultations to guide clients in maximizing their usage of interpreter and translation services, we offer staff training in a variety of areas including:

Intro to Working with Interpreters

Staff learn how using an interpreter can speed up their communication and assist in achieving better outcomes. We teach what to expect from a professional interpreter, share lessons learned from cases where professional interpreters were not used, and offer tips for maximizing clear communication through an interpreter.

Legal Obligations & Reimbursement for Interpreter Services

Which laws govern the provision of interpreter services? When and where do they apply to your organization? What are the consequences of non-compliance? Are there funding mechanisms that can help to cover the cost of providing interpreter services? Language Partners staff will guide you through the legal precedents and reimbursement mechanisms relevant to your organization.

The Language Toolbox

Using the right language tool for the job can save your staff time, dollars, and frustration. Phone interpretation is a tool that provides flexible, on-call language access. Written translations can provide concrete reminders of key information. On-site interpreters can identify body language and help to establish a therapeutic relationship. Staff learn how to evaluate which tool is best for various settings and will get practice in accessing a phone interpreter service.

Assessing Communication Barriers

What are the red flags that indicate an inaccurate interpretation? What are the signs of an untrained interpreter, and what distinguishes a professional interpreter? How do you manage an interpreting interaction that feels out of control? Work with experienced, trained interpreters to identify problems within interpreting encounters, and practice strategies for putting yourself back in the driver’s seat.